Celebrating over 30 years of ethical operation in the Construction Industry in Cyprus


Thirty years ago, The AJAMI group was established by Haidar & Mona Ajami with the founding principle to create and sustain long-term relationships with our clients. Their humble vision to achieve this ideal was to work hard to offer a high standard of service and never compromise on the values of fairness and honesty. So much has changed in the last thirty years as our company grows from strength to strength, but the traditional values of our family-owned business remain the same.

As we reflect on our achievements over these three decades, we know that our founding principal has become our core strength and is the reason for our organic growth. We also realise that it is our business model that has ensured our ability to follow through on all our promises:

AJAMI developers and construction has always been able to guarantee success at every stage of our landmark projects in Cyprus because we are a single source solution organisation.

We are proud that every stage of the property construction process, from architecture to engineering, to high quality innovative real estate development, are all performed by the AJAMI in-house team.

The promises we make and the guarantees we offer are ours alone to uphold, with no outsourcing issues to tarnish the assurances we offer our clients.

The AJAMI group’s name has now become synonymous with trust in the Construction Industry in Cyprus. Our hard work and steadfast dedication to operate ethically means we have built our reputation on tangible proof of work well done.

The AJAMI group’s human centric approach to all our developments, underpins our promise that our customers will always be offered exciting, modern ways of living in Paphos. Our projects uplift Paphos and enrich the lives of its residents.

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