AJAMI engineering

From buildings to bridges and roads. Civil engineers have designed, created, and built the world around us.

A civil engineer is responsible for every aspect of building a structure. They plan, design, and manage the budgeting as well as perform construction management analysis so that everything falls into place seamlessly when it’s time to build or renovate.

When you work with AJAMI, you get access to all our expertise under one roof with integrated solutions developed by multi-disciplinary teams. We are here for you throughout the process, starting from architectural design and technical engineering through the permitting process and construction management. We take care of all aspects of your project from onset to handover!

Whether you are starting from scratch or have a detailed vision of how your build in Cyprus may look, AJAMI Civil Engineers can create your vision and take you through each step in the process.

Our civil engineering management team is composed of Demetrios and Mosis Ajami who graduated from Birmingham University (England) and Frederick University (Nicosia, Cyprus), both receiving first class honours in their master’s degrees. With their combined wealth of knowledge in the industry, acquired over three decades of service, they have experience in a range of solutions. They have rapidly obtained a wide reputation for strong performance as civil engineers in Cyprus. The complexity of construction requires knowledgeable project coordination and the accurate resource of materials to avoid costly mistakes and delays. The expertise of the AJAMI team in civil engineering allows them to handle cutting-edge surveying equipment and convert complex data into flawless site surveys that assist you with planning your structure.

“We think laterally, innovate, and consider a wide range of options before identifying the optimum solution. This is why our clients often regard us as their partner for life because we build long-term working relationships with them by providing excellent service that lasts beyond their project or campaign.”  Demetrios and Moses AJAMI

Contour Beautification

If you are looking to revive or redesign your existing property in Cyprus, AJAMI civil engineers have extensive experience to provide a complete structure renovation and refurbishment, from commencement through to completion. AJAMI Civil Engineering excels at the beautification and refurbishment of properties, no matter what scale or scheme. We can revitalize any project to deliver an attractive, efficient, and appealing design. Well known for our specialist creative potential, we get results in the shortest possible time. We have a proven ability to make visual improvements or add decorative additions that preserve or enhance aesthetics and improve the overall image of constructions. AJAMI Civil Engineers in Cyprus can alter your building to appear more welcoming and also improve on its efficiency.


AJAMI prides themselves on value engineering and will get the most out of your construction investment. The end result will be a quality finished product executed with the most efficient solutions.

Linear Architecture

AJAMI Civil Engineers are passionate about designing structures in Cyprus that meet your spatial needs while remaining faithful to the spirit of minimalism. Our use of linear construction is traditional, maintaining the traits of meticulous planning that leaves no room for error. Using the latest technology, we are experts at composing structures that have a specific relationship with the outdoors. Our work pays homage to Cyprus’ lush natural surroundings of mature trees and dense shrubs, with low linear architecture that melds sympathetically with the environment. Targeting minimal intervention to the natural landscape, our structures are born from the ground, celebrating the qualities of Mediterranean living whilst ensuring all the necessary levels of privacy required by your home.

AJAMI Civil Engineering is at the forefront of all innovative concepts in civil engineering in Cyprus. We prioritize views, solar orientation, and cross-ventilation in continuous, clean lines that create harmony, flow, and balance.