AJAMI Developers

The AJAMI group’s property development division is dynamic and progressive, with broad experience in residential, commercial, and industrial property development. We are well known for delivering first-class developments in Cyprus that exemplify quality and add value to residents, investors, as well as the community.

Unlike many other development companies in Cyprus, The AJAMI group is a single source solution company – offering a full spectrum of in-house services. We believe this offers greater flexibility and ensures a reliable, smooth flowing build process. It also means we can guarantee that every aspect of the architectural design, engineering, and construction of each project is meticulously executed from start to finish by our organisation. Investing our own money, time and resources has enabled us to create sustainable value throughout the development process for all stakeholders.

We identify and assemble the building sites, we design and develop master plans, and obtain all planning permissions. We arrange finance and execute and manage the whole construction process. Our team consists of the finest architects, landscapers, engineers, and constructors working together to create places that are innovative and inspiring. We also have an internal team of talented real estate professionals whose combined breadth of experience includes marketing all areas of real estate development in Cyprus.

Our reputation for clear communication and proficient execution has enabled us to successfully finance, develop, market, and manage the most sophisticated development projects in Cyprus

Investment Project

The Republic of Cyprus is a country that has been working hard to attract foreign direct investments and it currently scores highly in international surveys on the ease of doing business. Cyprus is an attractive destination for investors because of its reputation as both a springboard into Europe’s largest economy – the EU, and emerging markets. There are many opportunities available in the key growth sector of development projects, specifically prime real estate.

The recent increase in investment interest is a sign that international investors have seen opportunities for sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

AJAMI Group has been working tirelessly to promote structural reforms that will improve the investment climate and help establish sustainable foundations for stability. Private sector large-scale projects play a crucial role in economic development, which is why AJAMI Group are committed to creating environments where investors can thrive!

Our iconic properties have raised the benchmark and continue to set the standards for real estate development in Cyprus.

Real Estate

The real estate market in Cyprus offers some of the highest and most stable returns (yields) across Europe. Investing in real estate in Cyprus is one of the most effective ways to make money while also providing long-term security for your investment. Cyprus has a high demand from foreign investors who are looking specifically at residential properties because of their low risk profile, which makes it the perfect spot where you can get both returns and protect yourself against potential fluctuations by investing wisely.

The island has one of the longest vacation seasons in Europe due to its weather, which makes it a lucrative investment to rent out your property as a temporary home with a high turnover rate that can be turned into a profit all year-round!