AJAMI Food & Beverage

The AJAMI Food and Beverage Sector was formed with the vision to provide consumers in Paphos with delicious, affordable dining by consistently delivering outstanding food, drinks, and service in an inviting atmosphere. In addition, it was important for us to contribute to society with initiatives that align with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Quality, service excellence, competitive pricing and ethics is already a hallmark of our Group. But we wanted to raise the bar and also forge new eating cultures with revolutionary and innovative ideas that would transform the F&B industry in Paphos.

Our goals were therefore clear from the  onset

Every aspect of the dining experience from the ambience to the food must elicit joy in our customers.
We must always create a memorable experience that patrons remember long after they leave.
We will strive to consider broader issues and find meaningful ways to give back to society in an authentic way.

AJAMI Food and Beverage embraced these goals and our outlets have surged in growth and popularity in the last year:

Chernobyl Cocktail Bar

Chernobyl Cocktail Bar was designed and launched with the intention of offering a quirky venue to showcase local musical talent, with designer molecular cocktails and in a trendy ambience. Paphos residents and visitors flock to Chernobyl’s doors to enjoy great food, exciting drinks, and high-quality entertainment. We reintroduced the art of Molecular Mixology to create new flavors, mouthfeels, textures, and visuals that enhance your drinking experience.

With our focus on spectacular effects and the use of foams, liquid nitrogen, gels, mists, heat, solidifying liquids, and much more, guests cannot wait to taste our latest designer drinks. Superb entertainment and a quirky atmosphere add to our patron’s pleasure as they enjoy a night out in Paphos at Chernobyl Cocktail Bar. We are also pleased to note that Chernobyl serves drinks with a meaning and our popularity has grown along with our donations to the Chernobyl International Fund.


Pagotomania was launched with the mission to make, distribute, and sell the finest quality all-natural ice cream in the form of mouth-watering flavours We also wanted to commit to incorporating nutritious, natural ingredients into many of our treats and find ways to promote business practices that respect the earth and the environment. Pagotomania has achieved this goal as an ‘eco-friendly ice cream parlour’.

We strive to use as many organic products as possible that respect the environment and avoid pesticide use, and we always favour locally sourced ingredients that circumvent the costs and pollution caused by long distance transportation. Pagotomania proudly serves delicious ice-cold sweet treats at the harbour to loyal local patrons and visitors who love the organic vibe and fun-filled environment as they indulge in one of our fantastic icy treats.