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When purchasing a property at home or abroad it is always advisable to take out contents insurance. Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the Mediterranean which is an attractive advantage to living on this beautiful island. However no-one can see into the future, natural disasters becoming more and more frequent across the globe, and perhaps damage would be caused to your property. Take the necessary precautions and give yourself total peace of mind that in any event you are appropriately covered. There are many insurance companies available to meet your needs but here we outline the policies provided by most banks on the island.

There are three types of policy available and we recommend that all three are taken out. They are: 

1. Public Liability Policy

2. Fire & Special Perils Policy

3. Burglary Policy

Why do we recommend that all three are taken out?If you are insured for burglary and there is a natural disaster which affects your property you will NOT be covered.

If there is a fire in your property and you have Public Liability Policy only you will NOT be covered.

By taking out all three policies you protect yourself against every eventuality.


Policies explained

1. Public Liability Policy

This specific insurance policy protects the insurer against:

- Accidental bodily injury to any person.

- Accidental loss of or damage to any property.

In respect of the above the insurance company vows to pay:

- All costs recovered by any claimant from the insured where any claim is contested by the company or with its written consent.

- All costs and expenses incurred with its written consent in connection with the defence of any such claim.

2. Fire and Special Perils Policy

This specific insurance policy protects the insurer against:

- Fire, explosions, aircraft, riot, strikers, locked-out workers, malicious damage, earthquake or volcanic eruption, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, cyclone or other storm or tempest, escape of water from any water tank, apparatus or pipes caused by bursting or overflowing of such installation, impact by any road vehicle or animal.

3. Burglary Policy

This specific insurance policy protects the insurer against burglary and loss of contents, and/or damage derived from a burglary.


 If you would like further information on insuring your property please do not hesitate to contact us.