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We are passionate about design!
By the thorough analysis of our client’s brief and research into best practice and precedent, we seek to design thoughtful, inspiring and cost-effective buildings which will be stimulating to their users but also will stand the test of time.

Our Values & Goals

- Solid understanding of the Client’s requirements and vision, and their amplification to a point that a building is created exceeding all expectations.

- Responsible attitude towards our Environment by focusing on quality of Design in terms of Sustainability and Energy-efficiency.

- Creation of an Individual and Contemporary Architectural Design with enduring features and sophisticated Building Technology.

- “Form follows function which follows the human scale”.

- Continuous self-education on new materials, techniques, methods, design issues, social issues, of all the members of our creative team, attending at least 12 Seminars/Lectures per year.

- To use the latest IT software and hardware so that better communication with the clients to be possible.

- Creating a sense of Teamwork among our staff to foster a better exchange of ideas in all aspects of our services.


Our Philosophy


"To create sophisticated building designs that by amplifying the issues of location, brief, clients’ requirements and Architectural aesthetics, they will relate to their environment and their users,  forming a synthesis of more than the some of its parts, to create an ‘atmosphere’."


Abbass Ajami
Senior Architect & Engineer


 We can help clients with

- Luxurious Villas/Mansions

- Residential projects of all sizes

- Commercial/Retail

- Industrial

- Luxury Hotels

- Cinemas

- Listed Buildings

- Country Homes

- Renovations/Conversions

- Racing Circuits

- Pet Hotels

- Geriatric Centres

- Architectural Competitions


Our Portfolio

 These are some of the many projects we have designed...