Monitoring Excellence in the Cyprus Construction Industry


O.S.E.O.K (The Federation of Association of Cyprus Building Contractors) recently held a roundtable discussion in Nicosia to review the current positive and negative issues associated with the Construction Industry in Cyprus.

At AJAMI developers, we always pay close attention to market trends and projections as well as regulating entities to ensure we are on top of any important considerations and innovations in the industry.

Our evaluation of the OSEOK discussion concluded that the negatives outlined were poignant, but not particular to the Construction industry. Many businesses in 2022 are concerned with the rise of domestic inflation and the adverse effect of global supply chain disruptions because of the Ukraine War. The AJAMI group however, are known for the successful diversification of our business interests, and our methods of combatting domestic concerns are always effective. Our ability to ensure continued success is achieved by considering short, middle, and long-term goals. We always link our objectives with strategies that ensure financial sustainability not only for ourselves but also for our loyal patrons.

Acquiring a healthy space to live and work is a certainty when you partner with the AJAMI developers, but so too is financial longevity in your investment. Our motto is cost savings without value compromise, and we achieve this by carefully conducting assessments that confirm our developments will increase in value at minimal risk and outlay.

It was of particular interest that the round table discussion outlined that many construction companies in Cyprus are failing to adapt and adopt innovative practices and technologies. This is an area where the AJAMI developers excels because every one of our projects focuses on delivering innovative and efficient solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

AJAMI developers stands apart in their use of state-of-the-art technology, with innovation being one of our four core pillars of Excellent Plus performance along with client focus, responsible behaviour, and staff development.

It was also noted in the discussion that besides the importance of technology and innovation, rendering advanced solutions that included green buildings was becoming imperative. We have proudly ensured that our projects always include the installation of energy efficiency fixtures and on-site renewable resources. We place high emphasis on every aspect of a building’s construction, from roof and wall systems to energy-efficient windows, doors, electrical appliances, and water and space heating, cooling, and ventilation.

The final review of the roundtable discussion included a reference to the increase of high-rise buildings that reflect the robust demand of companies seeking high-end services and views.

At present, The AJAMI developers is at the forefront of this requirement, offering remarkable Cyprus investment qualifying opportunities with our range of up market Business Centres. In particular, the AJAMI business centre, that is prominently positioned and touted to be a landmark in Paphos.

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