AJAMI tools & equipment 

AJAMI Tools & Equipment Hire is a leading supplier of quality construction machinery, tools and equipment in Cyprus that are safe and affordable.

Everybody in the construction industry knows that the success of a construction project depends on timely delivery and the effective execution of your agreed budget. The availability of the right construction machinery, tools, and equipment is essential. Renting construction tools and heavy equipment in Cyprus is a cost-effective and convenient way to take on more projects and maximise your profitability.

AJAMI Tool and Equipment Hire provides contractors with the ability to keep their overhead costs low and gain access to high-quality tools, machines and vehicles in Cyprus that are well-maintained and reliable for their construction needs.

All our rental equipment for construction work in Cyprus is Tested, maintained, inspected, and insured!

With our extensive range of tools and equipment available in Cyprus, you have the flexibility to fulfil your exact requirements without having to arrange finance to buy new or used construction tools and equipment. We will even provide special custom prices for contractors who require the equipment long term.

With AJAMI Tool and Equipment Hire, you can control your project costs, manage your overhead expenses, and adhere to tight production schedules. We will help you improve your onsite performance and service levels with our fast delivery and immediate availability.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – AJAMI tools and equipment hire are available after hours for any site emergencies to help you ensure your project is safeguarded.

If you do not see the machinery, vehicle, or tools you are looking for – contact us – our service excellence team is on constant standby to fulfil all your construction tool and equipment needs in Cyprus.