AJAMI Construction

AJAMI Construction in Cyprus, a privately owned company, was founded in 1990 by Savvas (Haidar) AJAMI with the inspiring vision to effectively deliver landmark projects in Cyprus to the highest quality standards.

Their mission from the outset has been to ensure that all AJAMI’s projects are completed on time and at a reasonable cost. AJAMI Construction is committed to preserving integrity, honour, and professionalism in their construction work in Cyprus. They continue to create value for their clients, achieving commercial certainty, project success and asset optimisation across Cyprus.

Due to an increased demand for reputable contractors in Cyprus to undertake premium projects with experienced management, AJAMI Construction has grown organically with their extensive expertise in cost management, quantity surveying, project, and programme management. Now recognised as one of the most respected and client-focused construction companies in Cyprus, AJAMI Construction has influenced the landscape of the country’s architecture and building history for more than three decades.

AJAMI Construction has executed and completed a large number of construction projects in Cyprus, as well as repairs and renovations on existing buildings. Their experience encompasses residential and office buildings, industrial buildings, tourist villages, hotels, supermarkets, hangars, road works, factories, and private residences. As a specialist infrastructure, construction and services company in Cyprus, AJAMI Construction continues to provide their clients with a single source solution at every stage of the construction cycle. They excel at early works planning, constructability studies and project management, through to development and resolution of technical challenges. AJAMI offers effective and efficient management of resources, timelines, and budget outlines through all construction stages. From residential and commercial new builds through to house extensions and renovations, AJAMI Construction has grown into one of Cyprus’ most sought-after design and build companies.

Our Team

The selection of a reliable construction team is a critical component of any construction project. With AJAMI Construction’s 30 years of experience, you are guaranteed to be in some of the industry’s most experienced hands.

AJAMI’s employees are of the highest calibre with a proven history of safety performance, quality assurance and best practices. AJAMI Construction in Cyprus employs over 100 individuals, including seasoned professional staff and a field team of over 80 labourers, dedicated to ensuring that the services offered surpass our customers’ expectations. Our experienced and highly skilled team of project managers and operatives will turn your ideas into a reality and ensure compliancy so that no part of the building process in Cyprus is overlooked.

“With our people, culture, training, and experience in what we do, AJAMI Construction in Cyprus delivers quality excellence for every project.” Savvas (Haidar) AJAMI

Steel Reinforcement in Cyprus

AJAMI Construction in Cyprus utilizes steel reinforcement bars in their concrete structures to add strength to the concrete and allow for more specialized designs such as cantilevered structures. Steel reinforcement gives a concrete structure greater stability with the steel and concrete acting together to produce a stronger structure that can withstand induced forces. In addition to optimizing strength, it enables the safe use of thinner concrete slabs, which promotes quicker construction times.

Foundation Pouring in Cyprus

Even though they aren’t visible when the home or structure is complete, building foundations are one of the most critical elements of any project. It is vital that you choose the right type of foundation and concrete – for the soil type and application. Errors could have serious ramifications and even involve your completed project being demolished. AJAMI Construction has extensive experience in building foundations in Cyprus of all sizes, height, and type from new or pre-existing multi or single level residential properties as well as large-scale residential developments.

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